Eduman Coaching for Business Wellness

Empowering people, empowering business.

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Welcome to Eduman Business Wellness Coaching

Companies are made up of and are run by people according to a certain set of principles. The paradox is that companies are non-people entities as such, and the challenge is finding that balance of both serving each other. Both are equally important.

Sales and Leadership are key driving forces of most companies. Like in sport, aspiring top performers recognize the need for, and enlist outside assistance with the business and people aspects of Sales and Leadership, and the Business Wellness Coach can assist through a balance of challenging and supporting.

Mark Kassner formed EDUMAN BUSINESS WELLNESS COACHING in 1994 and has experienced and learned from many facets of business along the way.


My methodology includes the following phases:

  • Conduct a current status analysis of the company, their customers, competitors, industry, mission statement, objectives, and strategy
  • Determine the gap between where a company is and where it wants to be and set objectives
  • Facilitate the development of a strategy
  • Facilitate implementation of the desired position
  • Monitor, measure, and review implementation

ComenSA Membership Certificate

Corporate Coaching Certificate