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Eduman Employee & Business Alignment Coaching

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The majority of people working for a company, work to meet their own needs and goals, and not those of the company, unless there is common ground.

Productivity can be temporarily boosted with perks and incentives, but the long term driving force is a sense of mission, purpose, and progress towards one’s goals. The question employees ask, is “how is fulfilling the company’s vision going to help me fulfil my own vision?”

Many companies also do not have well defined missions, visions, and goals. So, to help employees feel they are making a meaningful contribution to themselves and the company, becomes quite a challenge.

Sometimes an external person who is not close to the business, sees things from a different perspective, and people find it easier to talk to a stranger who may not be a threat to them.

I facilitate this situation to help employees become more engaged and productive. It often is a matter of perspective and mindset