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Eduman Brainwave Entrainment Coaching

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(Adapted from Centrepoint Research Institute and Neuro Programmer 2)

If you are feeling overwhelmed, restless, angry, stressed, dissatisfied, then BWE coaching is for you. I coach groups of up to 5 people with specially designed cd's for 20 minutes at a time, at R500/session for the group. The 20 minutes is a form of accelerated meditation, vital to any wellness program.

It would be more effective to coach individually with head phones, at a rate of R300 per person for 20 minutes. You can also rent a CD for people to use ideally three times per week for the month. This would amount to R1200 per person per month.


Nerve cells generate electric impulses resulting in brainwaves. These in a sense represent our thoughts, feelings, and physical and spiritual state of being. Brainwaves can be trained in the way you want them to go (BWE), and make them more receptive to new input. Zen monk meditation is known to do this (usually over many years and up to 3 hours per day), and eliminate stress, stimulate production of neurochemicals that enhance health, increase cerebral blood flow, and bypass dysfunctional feelings and behaviours.

As we get older, the brain produces less DHEA and melatonin, resulting in loss of muscle tone, increase in weight, and weaker immune systems. On the other hand, cortisol is still freely produced once noradrenalin is released in fight/flight responses to daily stressors which are allowed to remain as stressors. The consequences of this are tension, slower digestion, unhappiness, anxiety, depression, increased heart rate and blood pressure, and exhaustion.


BWE can achieve integration between the left and right brain,  stimulation of the brain amounting to exercising it like at gym, increased production of DHEA and melatonin and reduction in cortisol,  retardation of the aging process., and reversal of all the above negative effects on health. This in effect positively influences concentration, mental state, dysfunctional behaviour, stress, performance, and wellbeing.

BWE pushes the brain to create new neural pathways, in which the mind is most receptive to change and carefully worded affirmations. Design of BWE needs to comprise the following parameters:

20 minutes long, 10 second fade in and out, carrier to be soundscapes which are smooth and continuous and many instruments, have a low tone pitch with binaural beats, high but audible beat rate, frequency of minimum 4 tones/second, crossfeed enhances result, low pitch to relax, and high pitch to energise. Consider the 4 key categories of BW patterns:

Beta (14-100hz)

Concentration, arousal, alertness, cognition. Higher levels associated with anxiety, disease, feelings of separation, fight or flight

Alpha (8-13.9hz)

Relaxation, superlearning, relaxed focus, light trance, increased serotonin production, pre-sleep or pre-waking drowsiness, meditation, good TV watched in this mode, beginning of access to unconscious mind.

Theta (4-7.9hz)

Dreaming/REM sleep, increased production of catacholamines for memory and learning, increased creativity, increased integration, emotional experiences, stress relief, release of endorphins like in exercise,  self-sabotaging filters of left brain are bypassed in this pattern.

Delta (0.1-3.9hz)

Dreamless sleep, almost awake, human growth hormones released, deep trance-like non-physical state, loss of body awareness, access to unconscious mind, most receptive state to BWE and carefully worded affirmations.

We all have unique thresholds in our subconscious, which, when exceeded, cause us to resort to coping mechanisms, most of which are dysfunctional. Our unique thresholds are based on the many interpretations we make and have made of events in our lives. BWE raises these thresholds, thus reducing the need to resort to coping mechanisms. The progressive stages of BWE may well from time to time, result in the brain equivalent of sore or stiff muscles. The key is to not resist this process, trust it, and discipline self to exercise the brain daily, like you would at gym. Complete the daily 20 minute session and resist the temptation to jump up halfway through a session.