Eduman Coaching for Business Wellness

Empowering people, empowering business.

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Eduman Leadership Development Coaching

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Leadership Development Coaching focuses on mind, body and interpersonal skills. It is most effective one-on-one together with small-groups. The coach acts as an “external brain” to the leaders, and challenges and encourages in an open-ended and non-directive manner, with the assistance of group dynamics.

The model is simply:

  • Assessing
  • Goalsetting
  • Strategising
  • Implementing
  • Reviewing

Leadership Coaching includes some of the following specific approaches:

Eduman Personal Fitness Coaching

Eduman Group Consensus Coaching

Eduman Brainwave Entrainment Coaching

Eduman Perspective Game

Eduman Employee & Business Alignment Coaching

Leadership Coaching will also address some of the following issues critical to being an inspired leader:

  1. Creative decision-making
  2. Healthy anger expression
  3. Honour and respect for harmony
  4. Assertiveness for a productive environment
  5. Empowering vs autocracy and fear
  6. Influence vs control
  7. Forgives self and others vs blaming
  8. Honour and respect for self and others
  9. Decisive, consistent and thorough
  10. Authentic, sincere and vulnerable
  11. Honours the genius in self and others
  12. Personal mastery and self-discipline
  13. Balance in life and work and principles
  14. Balancing social style for effective interaction
  15. Self-awareness and self-discipline


Investment in Leadership & Business Coaching

Awareness indicators & Summary


(wellness, alertness, stress, values and beliefs, congruence, eating, exercise readiness, health risk, self-awareness, self-discovery, motivation, personality type, state of release, job fit, present focus, self-care, social style, anger, enjoyment, proactivity, assertiveness, leadership, effective habits, decision-making, thinking style, concentration, values, personality style)

R1000/executive (before and after coaching)

Coaching components:


Min 6 hrs/leader coaching @ R750/hr


R4500/person in advance




Min 3 hours/group of max 5 (mind & body & interpersonal skills coaching) @ R1500/hr


R4500/group in advance