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Eduman Business Coaching

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All businesses need to maintain growth, or go backwards. The life cycle principle applies to growth as well, and follows a sequence of initial high growth phase, then maturity phase, then decline phase. The key is to recognise when the maturity phase is about to convert to decline phase, and bring in the changes that will maintain an overall upward trend.

A Business Coach can help identify in which phase the company is, and facilitate the way forward.

Mark Kassner completed a 6 month Marketing Management Certification on 25/11/1982, a 5 day Industrial Marketing Strategy on 14/1/1983, and the 3 year IMM Diploma in Marketing Management on 3/7/1984. His marketing claim to fame was his launch of Colgate Conditioner while with Colgate Palmolive.

He works on a retainer basis for minimum of 10 hours/month for 4 months at R750/hour.